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The 5am Ritual continues…..

It is such a gift to hear from you all. I appreciate your responses and delight in knowing that some of you share this affinity for early morning hours. What I enjoyed about some of the conversations I engaged in about morning rituals was that many of you appreciated...

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ALTAR – The story part 3

If you missed the beginning of this story, head over to my BLOG to read Part 1 and Part 2.  The ALTAR story continues:: It is the end of 2017 and construction of The Guard's building ON Web Street in Friday Harbor is happening!! I keep an eye from afar and once again...

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January 2019

Happy New Year!!  Wishing you happiness, playful fun and strength in 2019. MOVEMENT! So much movement taking place within and around me. This week keeping this newsletter dedicated to informing you on new systems and new classes for the beginning of 2019. The next...

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ALTAR, the story part 2

If you missed PART 1 head over to the blog before reading Part 2 below. Part 2 begins with a conversation Lisa Guard and I had at the grocery store about 5 years ago. The building she owned on Web Street had recently went through a fire and she was letting me "in" on...

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All the THANKS!

It's all happening fabulous tribe! You have probably heard the news but, if not there are a few new EXCITING happenings:  1) I am opening a Yoga/Movement/Mindfulness Studio!! Our first class will be SATURDAY. Check out the invite here.2) The Early-Access invite has...

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My intention was to write to you on the New Moon last week. I created this time line for myself because I thought how perfect it would be to write to you on such a powerful and potent day. But, as you are seeing today, that did not happen. This theme of intending for...

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Immersive experiences are far and few in-between these days if we do not make a concentrated effort to make space for a deep dive into whatever we might be interested in. With all the information we could ever desire right at our finger tips, it is easier than ever...

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Routines are the Best!?

Do you agree? Having a daily routine has always felt easeful for me. The steady security of knowing what is to come and what I need to show up for day in and day out. While living at an ashram in New Zealand I was shocked to find out that living with a daily routine...

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Welcome back and a warm "Hello" to all the new subscribers. What I share here monthly is generally a mix of what thoughts and ideas are inspiring me at the moment, contemplations for you to thread into your day, week or month if you so choose and opportunities to...

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Summer Lovin

As I write this I am taking in the sights and sensations of the Puget Sound from the ferry. It is the end of July and the early morning fog is just lifting off the water. The ocean has that glistening sheen as the morning sun touches the surface. I am on a journey to...

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Summer Savoring and Your Inner Rebel 

The peak of summer: parades and fireworks, scrumptious watermelons, fresh local berries, abundance at the farmers markets, bronzed skin, windows open, that free and easy feeling of wearing less clothing and feeling the sun kiss the skin more often than not. Ahh,...

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Retreat Announcement

Mindful Movement - Meditation - Moon Retreat For Women March 30th- April 6th, 2019 Quimixto, Mexico Xinalani Retreat Center It's happening!! I am so excited to bring a small group of women to this magical land in Mexico next year. Please Check out the FB event page...

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Uncover your roadblocks and live your most RADIANT LIFE

The MIND-BODY ASSESSMENT is a starter kit to help you remove your roadblocks and live your most vital and radiant life.